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Best destinations close to São Paulo for a quick getaway

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São Paulo is a state full of hidden beauties, from the interior to the coast. There are countless little-known destinations that break away from the traditional when we think of travel. We already told you where to travel to on the long weekendbut now we bring new options for those who enjoy a different kind of ride. So, check out the best destinations close to São Paulo for a round trip:

Petar – Iporanga

If you follow UBE’s articles, you know that Petar is also one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. And know that the title is not for nothing! The complex with more than 300 caves is a show of natural beauty with attractions such as trails, waterfalls, rivers, and mountains. If you like adventure, you will love to know that it is also possible to practice extreme sports at Petar, such as boating, rappel, and cascading, among others. For sure one of the best destinations near São Paulo!

destinations near São Paulo

Areia que Canta – Brotas

Brotas is a city in the interior of São Paulo known, mainly, for adventure tourism. However, if your vibe is more laid back, there are also attractions for you. Areia que Canta is the perfect destination for those who need to relax. The spring of crystal clear water and white sands is quite a setting. To get there, you have to take a short trail – which can be traveled by car. But definitely worth the visit!

destinations near São Paulo

Portuguese Beach – Ubatuba

Of course, the northern coast of São Paulo could not be left out of our list of the best destinations near São Paulo. After all, the region is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, such as Praia do Português, for example. Known as the “hidden beach”, it has clear and calm waters, thus being the perfect destination to rest and enjoy yourself without too much excitement. However, you have to be careful because it can only be accessed on days when the tide is low.

destinations near São Paulo

Gruta do Anjo – Socorro

For nature lovers, the Gruta do Anjo is certainly one of the best destinations near São Paulo. The site is a disused quarry that has a deep natural pool, so beautiful that it leaves visitors awestruck. But our tip is to visit the place in the summer months, because in this period the sun stays under the lake. In this way, the colors become more vivid and the beauty of the lake is highlighted.

destinations near São Paulo

Fields of Flowers – Holambra

If you have not yet been to the City of Flowers, our suggestion is that you schedule this round trip as soon as possible. Holambra is one of the best destinations near São Paulo, especially in the spring, when the flowers – the town’s great attraction – become even more beautiful. The Fields of Flowers are the postcard of the city and also the most famous walk in the area. It is well worth the visit!

Zu Lai Temple – Cotia

A little better known destination, the Zu Lai Temple is on the trip list of many Paulistas. The Buddhist temple is more than 10,000 meters long and was built with Chinese materials. Although it is a Buddhist temple, it is a place of contemplation worth being known by people of all religions. Besides, it also exudes peace and tranquility and is a great outing to be done with the family

Furnas do Bom Jesus State Park – Pedregulho

You may never have heard of Furnas do Bom Jesus State Park, but if you like hiking and nature, it is sure to captivate you. The reserve has several beautiful waterfalls and viewpoints that can be accessed via trails. However, the real surprise is the Cascata Grande, a 132-meter high waterfall that is one of the best destinations near São Paulo. The best part is that admission to the park is free, so if you are looking to save money, it is a great option.

Bonete Beach – Ilhabela

To finish our list of the best destinations near São Paulo, another beach, of course! Bonete Beach is inside Ilhabela State Park and, among the other local beaches, is a little less known. To get to the beautiful clear water landscape you have to hike a trail or take a boat. Perfect for those who like extreme sports in the sea, like surfers!

Did you like our indications? In which of these destinations near São Paulo do you intend to live a Good Experience?

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