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Rolês na faixa: the 10 best free rides in São Paulo

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If the money for the weekend is tight, no need to worry! São Paulo is a city full of options for free rides. To enjoy the best of the capital, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. It is possible to have fun while spending little, and UBE will show you how! We can assure you, putting this list together was not easy at all… There are so many options of incredible tours that it was hard to choose just 10! Keep following and check it out the 10 best free tours in São Paulo.

Have a picnic at Ibirapuera Park

That Ibirapuera Park is a sure destination for Paulistanos is not news to anyone. With free admission, the 1,584,000 square meters of green area designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer are crowded at any time of the day. But have you ever thought of having a picnic on the lawns of the Park? The space is perfect for an afternoon picnic! And the best part: you can bring home-cooked meals and have an amazing tour for free!

Free Tours in São Paulo
Photo: Instagram reproduction @ibirapueraoficial

Visit the Gardens of the Ipiranga Museum

The Ipiranga Museum has been closed for renovation since 2013, when structural problems were identified in the building. Meanwhile, a wonderful and little-known part of the space – the Museum gardens – is open for visitation. The gardens were designed in the early 20th century, and are inspired by classic French gardens, such as those at the Palace of Versailles. The view is breathtaking and you are sure to feel like you are in a movie. It is worth the visit!

Free Tours in São Paulo
Photo: Wikipedia reproduction

Taking a stroll ona Avenida Paulista on Sundays

On Sundays, Paulista Avenue is completely closed to cars and the passage is open to pedestrians. You can ride your bike alone or with friends, go for a walk, or even walk along the Avenue just to enjoy the space and the artistic manifestations that happen there. The streets are filled with independent artists singing and artisans taking advantage of the space to sell their handmade products.

Photo: Reproduction Secom

Enjoying the Alleyways of Vila Madalena

São Paulo is a city that breathes art, but not only inside the museums. Just take a walk through the streets and you will find many graffiti works of art on the walls. And the alleyways of Vila Madalena are the best places in the city to appreciate this kind of art. The modern and hip neighborhood is home to one of the most famous graffiti spaces in SP: the Beco do Batman, which brings together works by numerous artists. In addition, Vila Mada, as the neighborhood is known, is also famous for the amount of bars and pubs. Therefore, there is no lack of options for places to have a beer after the walk through the alleys.

Photo: Reproduction Veja SP

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Take an alternative ride at Mirante 9 de Julho

The 9 de Julho Belvedere is located above the 9 de Julho Avenue tunnel and has spent 76 years completely unused. After revitalization work, the place has been transformed into a multicultural space that hosts exhibitions, parties, cultural and musical projects, and even open-air cinema sessions. Entrance to the Mirante 9 de Julho is free – like all the items on this list – and you can check out the program of the space before making your visit.

Photo: Divulgation Press Office

Taste delicacies at the Municipal Market

The Mercado Municipal is a classic of São Paulo. After all, who has never heard of the famous bologna sandwich, right? However, the Market in itself is already a spectacle worth seeing – even if you go there without the intention of eating anything. But, be aware that you will hardly leave on an empty stomach. While strolling through the long aisles, the vendors always give a little taste of the most different fruits and other delicacies to those who are passing by. The hard part is resisting the temptation to take them all home.

Photo: Reproduction of Mercado Municipal de São Paulo website

Getting to know the Memorial of Resistance

The Memorial of Resistance of São Paulo is a kind of tour that should be taken by everyone, at least once. The space gathers information about the haunting period of the Military Dictatorship in Brazil. The building where the memorial stands was once the headquarters of the São Paulo State Department of Political and Social Order, known as Deops/SP, one of the most violent political police forces in Brazil. During the visit, visitors are guided by cells that were occupied by political prisoners and exhibits that tell the stories of some of the disappeared people of the time. A great tour to get a closer look at our country’s history.

Photo: Divulgation

See São Paulo from above SESC’s Belvedere

Walking through the stone jungle in the daily rush, it is almost impossible to perceive the immensity of São Paulo. To see the city from a new angle, the SESC Belvedere is the perfect place! From up there you can get a real dimension of how big the capital is. The view is disputed, but we can assure you that the ride is worth it. Admission to the lookout is free, but you can also enjoy a coffee or a meal on site.

Photo: Reproduction Flickr SESC Avenida Paulista

Go to the top of São Paulo at Pico do Jaraguá

Still talking about São Paulo from above, the Pico do Jaraguá is the highest point in the entire city – at 1,135 meters high. It is inside the Jaraguá State Park, between the northern and western zones of the capital, and has free access via the Tourist Road. The park has 3 viewpoints at different heights. The first viewpoint is right at the arrival and just before the parking lot, there is also a second one near the patio where the restrooms and the snack bar are, and the most coveted, of course, is the third viewpoint, near the transmission antennas at the top of the peak, about 250 steps up from the patio. The view is sensational and worth the visit not only for the viewpoints, but also for the diversity of fauna and flora in the area.

Photo: São Paulo Government site reproduction

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Enjoy free concerts at Sala São Paulo and Theatro Municipal

The last tip is not free every day, but it’s worth keeping an eye out so you don’t miss it! The Sala São Paulo and Theatro Municipal, two of the main concert halls in the São Paulo capital, offer free performances to the general public. It is an opportunity to see the best choirs and orchestras live without paying anything. Besides the free presentations, Sala São Paulo and Theatro Municipal also open the doors of their spaces for guided tours. You can check the schedule of free presentations here.

Photo: Sala São Paulo – Reproduction Gallery of Architecture
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