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Theme restaurants in São Paulo to eat well and get out of the routine

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Going out to eat is good, but going out to eat in a unique place is even better. São Paulo is a city full of different options for those who want to take unusual trips and get out of the routine. That is why theme restaurants are great alternatives for out-of-the-ordinary itineraries to discover new places in the city. With good drinks, unusual food, and completely unique surroundings, this type of restaurant offers an unparalleled experience.

If your idea is to enjoy good food in an amazing environment, be sure to check out this list! After all, in these places, in addition to good food, of course, visitors can also enjoy shows, games, unique attractions, and ensure that special photo for Instagram. Whatever your idea of fun is, there is sure to be a theme restaurant just right for you!

Check out 5 thematic restaurants in São Paulo and plan your trip A Good Experience

Theme Restaurants in São Paulo: Characters

Magic and Witchcraft

There is no shortage of restaurants in São Paulo inspired by the magical universe of Harry Potter. However, Magic and Witchcraft offers a completely different experience to visitors. This is because the restaurant was designed to make customers feel like they are inside the movies, with reproductions of iconic scenes from the movies, such as the Main Hall at Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, and even the Weasley family’s flying car. In other words, you will dive headfirst into the Harry Potter universe. So don’t be alarmed to see giants, elves, and witches strolling through space. It’s all part of the experience!

Theme Restaurants in São Paulo
Photo: Instagram reproduction @magiaebruxaria

In addition, the space is interactive and offers workshops and pocket-shows with interaction with the audience. But beware: to visit the restaurant you must purchase a ticket in advance. Each ticket entitles you to a combo that includes a non-alcoholic drink, a dish or snack, and a dessert, as well as access to the entire restaurant space and attractions. The price is R$95.00 and the visit lasts 2 hours.

Address: Espaço Onix – Avenida Engenheiro Alberto de Zagotti, 853, Jardim Taquaral.
Hours of operation: entrance by ticket purchase and scheduled time. To buy the ticket, click here.

Photo: Instagram reproduction @magiaebruxaria

Eat Asia

Who doesn’t know the famous Hello Kitty, right? The Japanese kitty is so successful in Brazil that she even got a thematic restaurant in her honor! The decoration of the place is inspired by the character, and the restaurant tells details of Kitty White’s story – better known as Hello Kitty – on the walls and even on the trays where the food is served, for example.

Photo: Instagram reproduction @eatasia

The restaurant also features instagrammable backdrops and customized food in the shape of the character. The options are versatile and appeal to all audiences: Eat Asia offers burgers with Wagyu beef, as well as Japanese food and even sweets.

Address: Rua Thomáz Gonzaga, 61, Liberdade.
Hours of operation: Sunday through Friday – 11am to 6pm, Saturday – 11am to 7pm.

Theme Restaurants in São Paulo
Photo: Instagram reproduction @eatasia

Medieval-themed restaurants

Medieval Tavern

To teleport to the Middle Ages, just go to the Medieval Tavern restaurant. The place is a meeting place for aficionados of Vikings, warriors, kings, and magical creatures. The experience begins right at the entrance to the restaurant, where visitors are greeted by people dressed in period costumes.

Photo: Taverna Medieval site reproduction

The entire menu is made up of unique dishes and drinks that hark back to the Middle Ages. But the experience at the Medieval Tavern goes far beyond food. In the restaurant, you can try your luck at the dungeon archery game, and to go to the bathroom you must take a secret passage, where the customer must figure out how to open the door. In other words: quite an experience!

Address: Rua Gandavo, 456, Vila Clementino.
Business hours: Service with reservations. To make your reservation, just click here.

Theme Restaurants in São Paulo Geek

Le Burger

Ghost Hunters, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Super Heroes… In every corner of Le Burguer it is possible to find references to some movie or series. The space is to drive any geek crazy! The hamburger restaurant has several themed environments and even a small shop with products for customers to take home. It is worth the visit!

Photo: Catraca Livre Reproduction

Address: Alameda Franca, 1055, Jardins.
Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday – 12pm to 11pm.

Fan Hour Games and Burgers

The Fan Hour burger restaurant is the right place for those who are passionate about video games and board games. After all, it unites two good things in one: hamburgers and a lot of fun! And in the Fan Hour, the theme goes beyond decoration. The place is also a game house, where visitors can play classic video games, such as Playstation 1 and Mega Drive, and other board games.

Photo: Instagram reproduction @fanhourbr

The space has a menu of games and each player pays a one-time fee to participate. On the food menu, it is possible to find even more options, such as hamburgers, fries, milk shakes, and other desserts. Whatever your class, the place is ideal for gathering friends and family for a fun and very different evening.

Address: Rua Arthur de Azevedo, 898, Pinheiros.
Hours of operation: Service with reservations. To make your reservation, just click here.

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