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House of the Dragon: Discover the cities that were the backdrops for Season 2

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The second season of the series “House of the Dragon” premieres on June 16 on Max (formerly known as HBO Max), with new episodes released weekly, every Sunday and impressive real locations that have served as backdrops. Let’s explore these magical places and understand why they are so important to this epic story:

Porto Real: Cáceres (Spain) and Monsanto (Portugal)


King’s Landing, the vibrant capital of the Seven Kingdoms, is one of the most iconic settings in the series. Although fictional, the King’s Landing scenes were filmed in historic cities such as Cáceres, in Spain, and Monsanto, in Portugal. Cáceres, with its ancient streets dating back to 25 BC, and Monsanto, a picturesque village with stone houses and winding alleys, provide the perfect medieval setting that transports viewers to the heart of the Seven Kingdoms.

Red Fortress: La Calahorra (Spain) Spain


The monumental Red Keep, home to the Targaryen kings and queens, had many scenes filmed at Warner Bros studios in London. However, the imposing castle of La Calahorra in Spain also served as a location, offering its majestic and historic 13th century setting. Its imposing walls and towers are the perfect complement to the grandeur that the series demands.

The Tournament: Hampshire (England)

Caesar's Camp

The exciting tournament celebrating the birth of the king’s heir was filmed at the imposing Caesar’s Camp, an Iron Age fort located in Hampshire, England. With its surrounding coniferous forests, the historic and natural setting is the perfect choice to capture the grandeur and epic atmosphere of the series.

The Battle on the Steps: Cornwall (UK)

Kynance Cove, in Cornwall, UK

The impressive Battle on the Steps, with Daemon Targaryen in action, was filmed on the stunning beaches of Kynance Cove in Cornwall, UK. These beaches not only offer a natural and dramatic setting, but are also a popular destination with tourists, enchanting everyone with their scenic beauty.

The Fortress of Velaryon House: St Michael’s Mount Island (Cornwall)

Isle of St Michael's Mount (Cornwall)

Derivamarca, the imposing fortress of House Velaryon, was filmed on the historic island of St Michael’s Mount, also in Cornwall. With its origins dating back to the 13th century, the castle provides a setting worthy of the majestic Velaryon lineage, blending real history with fantasy in a masterly way.

The Village of Royce

House Castleton, in the county of Derbyshire, England

The picturesque village of Royce House, situated in the epic Vale of Arryn, was captured in Castleton, Derbyshire, England. This serene location is perfect for the series, offering viewers a glimpse into the life and natural landscapes of the medieval world.

These are just a few of the fascinating cities and real-life locations that served as backdrops for the second season of “House of the Dragon”. By watching the series, fans have the incredible opportunity to travel through time and immerse themselves in settings that perfectly match the grandeur of the story. If you’re a fan of the series, these destinations will certainly add a touch of magic and immersion to your experience!

So, have you been inspired to visit any of these locations? Share your impressions in the comments and maybe plan your next trip in the footsteps of the Targaryens!

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