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Secret Bars: Discover the best hidden bars in São Paulo

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Exclusivity is the key word in secret bars. If you like places VIPthe hidden bars in São Paulo are just the right thing for you. Advance reservations, limited passwords, profiles with restricted access in social networks and non-disclosed addresses… This is the universe that creates all the buzz behind of the secret bars. To visit them, it is not enough to want to. It takes power.

The secret bars are based on the speakeasyThis is an American concept created in the 1920s, which goes back to the dry law period in the United States. That is, when it was forbidden to produce, commercialize and consume alcoholic beverages in the country. This is where the bars with restricted access came from. Few people were allowed to frequent the establishments, which had to be very well hidden in order to pass unscathed through the strict surveillance.

Although alcoholic beverages are no longer prohibited in the North American country, the fad caught on worldwide after a few years. And São Paulo, the trend capital of Brazil, would not be left out. Did you like the concept? So get to know best secret bars in São Paulo and get ready to live a unique experience!

5 best secret bars in São Paulo

Vault Bar

The Santander Lighthouse is one of the most visited tourist attractions in São Paulo. But the basement of the building hides a secret that few people know about: a secret bar inside a vault. O The Vault Bar offers a unique experience and is even more amazing for keeping the original features of the vault, such as the circular doors made of concrete and reinforced steel and the marble walls, for example.

Secret Bars
Photo: SubAstor Divulgation

Like many hidden bars, the atmosphere is intimate and allows only a few customers per night. With a focus on classic drinks and sophisticated authorial cocktails, the bar also has options of appetizers, main courses, burgers, and desserts to accompany the drinks. Reservations are not required to visit the Vault Bar, but if you want to guarantee your table, it is possible to book at the Get in App, by clicking here.

Address: Rua João Brícola, 24 – Centro – In the basement of the Santander Lighthouse.
Hours of operation:Wednesday and Thursday – 4pm to 0pm; Friday – 4pm to 1am; Saturday – 2pm to 1am; Sunday – 2pm to 8pm.
Instagram: @bardocofre


O Fridge is one of the most exclusive and authentic bars on our list. Located somewhere in Jardins – the bar does not publicly disclose the address! -, it is difficult to discover that there, behind the unattractive facade, hides one of the most different bars in town.

Secret Bars
Photo: Frigobar

To visit the Frigobar, you must make a reservation in advance. If your reservation is accepted, you will receive all instructions by e-mail: address of the bar, house rules, and an individual password, which must be given to the security guards at the entrance. You must also deposit the ticket in advance. What happens inside, only those who visit know. But the experience is completely unique, in a retro and intimate environment with a capacity for 30 people. Are you curious? It is worth scheduling a visit!

Address: unknown.
Reservations: [email protected].
Instagram: @frigobarspeakeasy

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In the basement of the Espaço Zebra studio you can find a different kind of artwork. The Secret Bar Apothecary has capacity for 30 people in an intimate space with a retro atmosphere. The experience is so personal that visitors are personally welcomed by the studio owners. However, you need to stay tuned, as the space is not open every day. The events are held periodically and can be seen on the Zebra Space page.

Secret Bars
Photo: Chris Von Ameln

To enjoy drinks, snacks, music, and lots of art at the bar, advance reservations are required. Keep an eye out and participate in the next event!

Address:Rua Major Diogo, 237 – Bela Vista
Instagram: @espacozebra

Cold Chamber

The Original bar, located in Moema, is perhaps one of the most traditional in São Paulo. What few regulars know is that there is a secret bar hidden up the stairs. O Cold Room is a speakeasy style bar with 10 taps of draft beer and 25 labels of beer. With a completely different style than the one downstairs, the space is private, with low light and rustic, comfortable decor.

Photo: Cold Chamber Website

To visit the Câmara Fria no advance reservations are necessary and the entrance is inside the Original bar.

Address: Rua Graúna, 137 – Moema.
Hours of operation: Tuesday and Wednesday – 6pm to 2am; Thursday to Saturday – 6pm to 3am.
Instagram: @camarafria

Hidden Bar

It is not easy at all to visit Iscondido Bar. On their Instagram profile, they already warn: “it’s for everyone, but it’s not for everyone. To gain access to Iscondido you must ask permission by following the bar’s profile on the social network. From then on, you have to stay alert! The bar puts the You can see the week’s schedule in the stories and you have to ask for the day’s password in order to enter. If you are answered – after all, there are many requests and few openings – you will receive the bar’s address and the day’s password by direct.

Photo: Logo Iscondido Bar – the bar is so secret that there are no photos on the internet!

The strength of Iscondido is its more than 20 options of signature drinks. The space also has a DJ to liven up the evening and is the perfect place to go with friends.

Reservations: to get in, you must ask for the day’s password on Instagram @inscondido.bar

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