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Ranking of countries with the best food in the world

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Tasting good food is a key element in turning any trip into a good experience. Exploring the local cuisine is more than just refueling your energy for more sightseeing, it’s a window to experience the culture, history and discover new ingredients and flavors unique to each region. If, like us, your mouth is watering just thinking about it, you’ll love knowing the top 50 countries with the best food in the world.

Recently, the popular website Ranker brought to light an intriguing ranking of the 50 countries that boast the best food in the world. This list is carefully put together based on the opinions of users from all over the globe.

Crucial criteria such as variety of dishes, quality of ingredients, culinary innovation and the significant influence of each country’s cuisine on the global stage have been meticulously considered in this ranking. Let’s take a look

TOP 50 countries with the best food

  1. Italy

Italy Appreciated worldwide, Italian cuisine enchants with its wide range of dishes, its use of fresh ingredients and its tasty simplicity. Emblematic dishes include pizza, pasta, risotto and lasagna, as well as a delicious variety of gelato and the famous tiramisu. With vineyards all over the country, Italy also stands out for the renown of its wines.

  1. Greece

The cradle of the Mediterranean diet, Greek cuisine stands out for the freshness and quality of its ingredients, which include vegetables, fruit, fish and seafood. Gyros, moussaka, souvlaki and the iconic Greek salad, plus the famous feta and halloumi cheeses, are all part of the country’s rich gastronomic offer.

  1. Spain

Spanish cuisine is diverse and ranges from traditional dishes such as paella, tapas and gazpacho to more contemporary creations such as pintxos and croquetas. Spain treats wine lovers to high-quality wines from various regions of the country.

  1. Japan

World-renowned, Japanese cuisine stands out for its delicate combination of sweet, salty, spicy and acidic flavors. Among the most famous dishes are sushi, sashimi, tempura, ramen and teriyaki. Japan is also honored for its traditional teas, such as green tea and matcha.

  1. India

Powerful, spicy flavors are the hallmark of Indian cuisine. Well-known dishes include tikka masala, butter chicken, naan, curry, samosa and a wide variety of characteristic sweets such as gulab jamun and barfi.

  1. Mexico

Vibrant and bold, Mexican cuisine is known for its dishes that blend spicy flavors and offer a wide range of options, including tacos, burritos, guacamole, enchiladas and mole. Tequila and margaritas are just some of the drinks that complement this rich gastronomic culture.

  1. Turkey

With its impressive variety of dishes, ranging from classics like kebab, baklava and dolma to modern creations like pide and lahmacun, Turkey has made its mark on world gastronomy. Let’s not forget the famous Turkish sweets, such as baklava and lokum.

  1. United States

With a gastronomic diversity that encompasses influences from all over the world, the United States brings classics such as hamburgers, pizzas, fried chicken and barbecue. American milkshakes and desserts such as cookies, brownies and cheesecake are loved worldwide.

  1. France

Known for its sophistication and demand for high-quality ingredients, French cuisine features emblematic dishes such as crêpes, croissants, quiche, fondue and ratatouille. France’s renowned wine scene, with productions spread throughout the length and breadth of the country, adds another layer of charm to its cuisine.

  1. Kingdom of Naples

The cuisine of the historic Kingdom of Naples, located in the south of present-day Italy, has left a rich and influential legacy. Dishes that combine fresh seafood with local pasta, such as Neapolitan spaghetti, are famous. In addition, Naples is recognized as the birthplace of the world-famous pizza, which was originally a simple dish for workers, but has become an emblem of Italian gastronomy. In addition to pizza, highlights include mozzarella di bufala, used in both hot and cold dishes, and sweets such as sfogliatella and Neapolitan pastiera, perfect to accompany the real Neapolitan espresso.

If you’ve managed to explore the 10 countries with the best food in the world, congratulations, you’ve certainly had some good experiences and now you’re probably looking for more novelties and new flavors! Here are the next countries in the ranking of the 50 countries with the best food in the world:

11º. Turkey
12º. Portugal
13º. Philippines
14º. Peru
15º. Brazil
16º. France
17º. Argentina
18º. Cuba
19º. Germany
20º. Algeria
21º. Malaysia
22º. Vietnam
23º. United States of America
24º. Lebanon
25º. Hong Kong
26º. State of Palestine
27º. South Korea
28º. Hungary
29º. Jamaica
30º. Belgium
31º. Iran
32º. Chile
33º. Austria
34º. Syria
35º. Catalonia
36º. Australia
37º. Republic of Ireland
38º. Israel
39º. United Kingdom
40º. Taiwan
41º. Czech Republic
42º. Colombia
43º. Canada
44º. Indonesia
45º. England
46º. Poland
47º. New Zealand
48º. Cyprus
49º. Kingdom of Hawaii
50º. Nepal

So, are you ready for some new gastronomic journeys? Well, of course, cuisine is a matter of personal preference, and what one person considers the best food in the world may be different from what another person considers. However, this ranking is a good starting point for anyone looking for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Some tips for trying a country’s cuisine:

  • Look for restaurants that are recommended by locals.
  • Order classic dishes, but also try lesser-known dishes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the waiter for help.

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