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The best burger restaurants in the world and why they are so special

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The hamburger is much more than just a meal; it’s a culinary experience that wins hearts around the world. For aficionados of this delicacy, the search for the best burger restaurants in the world is an exciting gastronomic adventure. With this in mind, we’ve brought you a special selection of those places that stand out not only for the excellence of their burgers, but also for the uniqueness that makes them must-see destinations for any gourmet.

10. Red Hook Tavern – Brooklyn, New York

best burger joints in the world

Notoriety for its dry-aged beef burger which is a real treat for the senses, thanks to the perfectly prepared juicy meat and the harmonious combination of cheese, onions and sesame buns, not forgetting the homemade pickles and potato wedges that accompany the dish.

9. AMBOY Quality Meats and Delicious Burger – Los Angeles

It stands out for its variety, offering three different types of dry-aged beef burger, where the Amboy Burger comes in both its classic and DH versions, with gourmet American-style cheese and an irresistible special sauce.

8. Pastis – Distrito da Carne, Nova York

Reveals the charm of a French bistro with its Cheeseburger à la Américaine, asking for an advance reservation to guarantee a tasting amidst a vibrant atmosphere and exceptional service.

7. Burger & Beyond – Londres & Manchester

best burger restaurants in the world

It has evolved from Camden Market to multiple branches, delighting palates with options such as the Bacon Butter Burger and the Bougie Burger, whose dry-aged meat is simply outstanding.

6. Funky Chicken Foodtruck – Stockholm

Stockholm It has held the title of Sweden’s best burger for three consecutive years, thanks to the perfect harmony between juiciness and the richness of a spicy crust on the patties.

5. Holy Burger – São Paulo

5. Holy Burger – São Paulo It creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a New York jazz club, with the highlight being the “Pony Line” which combines dry-aged beef, cheddar, cane molasses and bacon in a masterly way.

4. Au Cheval – Chicago & Nova York

It is hailed by many as the home of the best burgers, with its Double Cheeseburger adorned with American cheddar, pickles, onions and dijonnaise, plus the possibility of adding exceptional bacon.

3. Bleecker – Londres

Its minimalist décor puts the quality of the meat at the center of attention, with a Double bacon burger that captivates with its simplicity and the perfection of the ingredients.

2. Hundred Burgers – Valencia & Madrid

Run by enthusiasts who not only know the nuances of the perfect burger, but also explore unique flavors such as the Singular burger and the exclusive Paul Finch burger, available in limited quantities daily.

1. Pizza Loves Emily – Nova York

best burger restaurants in the world


It offers a pleasant surprise to its visitors, delivering the best burger experience in an environment typically dedicated to pizza, thanks to its Emmy Double Stack Burger and its distinctive sauce, an irresistible combination of cheese, fried onions and pickles in a unique pretzel bun.

This list is proof that, in different corners of the globe, the best burger restaurants in the world are dedicated to turning the burger into an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether it’s the superior quality of the ingredients, the innovative flavors or the welcoming atmosphere, each of these places invites visitors on a tasty and revealing journey, showing that when it comes to gourmet burgers, the sky’s the limit.

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