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The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon

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Many people already know that Portugal is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, but what not everyone knows is that, because it is a country extremely focused on tourism, there are options for all tastes (and pockets), especially in a big city like Lisbon. If you live in the Lusitanian capital or plan to travel there, and you like to eat well but also like to save some euros, see below the cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon:

5 cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon

100 Montaditos

The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon 100 montaditos

This restaurant created in Spain is one of the most popular and loved in the city, gathering many young people daily. One of the main advantages is that you can find a 100 Montaditos very easily, after all, it is distributed in the main points of Lisbon and of Portugal as a whole. The name refers to the menu, which offers no less than 100 options of very tasty mini sandwiches. In addition, the menu also has a variety of snacks and drinks. The best thing is to go on Wednesdays and Sundays when all sandwiches are offered for only $1.00!


The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon Pomodoro

Want to try delicious dishes without worrying about looking at the price on the menu? The Pomodoro is the ideal option, after all, all dishes cost only 3.90€. And the low price does not interfere with the quality, many of the products come directly from Italy and you will notice ingredients and recipes that usually cost much more in other restaurants. Those who love Italian food can visit Pomodoro without fear, but it is also very democratic because it offers: pizza, a salad, lasagna, a burrito, ravioli or hamburgers.

Ali Baba Kebab Haus

The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon Ali Baba Kebab Haus

Ali Baba is that typical fast food joint where you can quickly order and walk around while enjoying your snack. It is also very common in Portugal to stop on the grass of the nearest square and have your meal while enjoying the beautiful view. The proof is that most of the units have few tables for consumption, so we understand that the proposal is really that. Although it offers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, the restaurant was founded in Lisbon. The Crispy Chicken and Falafel are really delicious and you can find options starting at $4.00.

Empanaderia El Pibe

The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon El Pibe

The name says it all: if you love typical South American cuisine and empanadas, this is your place. Prices start at 1.80€. No one leaves Empanaderia El Pibe hungry because all the empanadas are very well filled, and the variety is great: spinach and mozzarella; shrimp, corn, garlic, chili and mozzarella (spicy); ham and mozzarella; goat cheese, spinach and dates.

Rui dos Pregos

The cheapest restaurants to eat in Lisbon Rui dos Pregos

Here it is a perfect combo, as they have managed to unite a cheap lunch with a simply amazing view. To do so, go to the Docas de Santo Amaro unit. At Rui dos Pregos it is possible to eat well with a generous Prego no Pão, typical Portuguese food, for only 2.70€. Not surprisingly, many people always want to go there, so arrive early, as the restaurant usually has a queue at busy times.

We hope you have enjoyed these tips and can enjoy a good experience from them. You can also find out 7 curiosities about Portugal that nobody tells you.

Ami Neves
Ami Neves
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