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Best Airbnb’s for relaxing near SP

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One of the main trends in post-pandemic tourism is the search for secluded places to relax. Even though the restrictions for national and international travel are gradually being relaxed, many people do not feel safe going on long trips and prefer to opt for more reserved accommodations. According to a research from the platform Airbnb, travelers have chosen to book entire accommodations, in destinations close to their homes and far away from large cities and popular centers.

For this reason, house rentals have become an increasingly popular option for those planning their next trip. And the best thing is that there are alternatives for all tastes and budgets, ranging from unique, high standard experiences to simple, cost-effective accommodations. If you want to take your foot off the gas and rest for a few days, check out the best Airbnb’s to relax near SP!

Whether you want to spend a weekend, the next vacation, or your vacation, it is possible to escape safely and enjoy the best of the cities near São Paulo.

Check out 5 Airbnb’s within 150 km of the Capital!

In this list you will find Airbnb’s with various price ranges within walking distance of the São Paulo capital. If you are looking for accommodation on the Beach, in the Interior or even in the Mountains, keep following our selection of 5 Airbnb’s to relax near SP! Pack your bags, hit the road, and let’s go!

Airbnb’s for relaxing on the Beach

1. Manacá House – Ubatuba

Airbnb's for relaxing
Photo: Aibnb Reproduction

Ubatuba is a charming city on the northern coast of São Paulo. Surrounded by the tropical rainforest of the Serra do Mar National Park, it is full of beautiful beaches with preserved nature and many tourism options.

Chalé Manacá is an Airbnb right on the sand, with an incredible view of Praia Vermelha do Centro. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, the Chalet is visited by several species of birds, squirrels, and blue butterflies, who share this piece of paradise with the guests.

The lodging has all the necessary facilities, such as a complete kitchen, 110v and 220v power outlets, a large and spacious deck, and Wi-Fi.

The Airbnb accommodates 4 guests and costs R$430 per night*.

*Important: All prices mentioned may vary depending on the season. Click on the link to confirm the values for the desired date.

2. Glass House – Ilhabela

Airbnb's for relaxing
Photo: Airbnb Reproduction

The Glass House is located in a stronghold of Atlantic forest in Ilhabela, a somewhat unusual spot for those who choose to visit the city known for its beaches. But make no mistake, the house is a find!

Lined with glass walls, the lodge gives visitors the impression of constant contact with nature. Besides the unusual architecture, the house has an extremely comfortable structure, with an open-air Jacuzzi, a view of the sea, a wooden balcony, fully-furnished rooms, and rustic and beach decoration.

The lodging has a full kitchen, air-conditioning, swimming pool, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. The daily rate is R$1,753 per night, and the house accommodates up to 8 guests.

Airbnb’s for relaxing in the Mountains

3. Chalet Above the Clouds 1 – Campos do Jordão

Airbnb's for relaxing
Photo: Airbnb Reproduction

Campos do Jordão is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the mountain climate. The city is famous for its gardens, gastronomy and hospitality.

And an excellent lodging option in town is Chalé Acima das Nuvens. It is located only 5 km from the city center, but has the proposition of being a refuge in the middle of the mountains.

The lodging provides a kitchen without stove, heater, and thermal insulation – important items for the intense cold in Campos do Jordão. The daily rate is R$476 per night and the Chalet accommodates up to three people.

4. House Refúgio – Serra da Cantareira

Airbnb's for relaxing
Photo: Airbnb Reproduction

The Cantareira Mountains are considered the largest urban forest in the world. That in itself is a good reason to visit. But, being isolated from the center, the house is really a refuge for those who want to disconnect from routine and rest.

Still, because it is located inside a residential condominium, Casa Refúgio has easy access to commercial and gastronomic centers, and to the city’s tourist attractions.

The house features a covered deck with green views, Smart TV (Netflix and Amazon Prime included), full kitchen, basic cooking and barbecue utensils, eco-friendly fireplace, parking, and Wi-Fi.

The daily rate is R$174 and the lodging accommodates two people.

Airbnb’s for Relaxation in the Interior

5. Glass Loft on the São Roque Wine Route – Mairinque

Airbnb's for relaxing
Photo: Airbnb Reproduction

São Roque is a popular destination in the interior of São Paulo for its famous Wine Route, which includes wineries, restaurants, and cellars, where travelers can taste local wines that are sold throughout Brazil.

The Glass Loft is a great accommodation option for couples. The house is in a closed condominium in the middle of nature in Mairinque, a city next to São Roque. With a complete structure, guests can enjoy the pool and the leisure area that, despite its surprising size, are exclusive to the house.

In addition, the loft has a Jacuzzi, breakfast is included and served in the room, Smart TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchen and accepts pets!

The daily rate is R$410 and the lodging accommodates two people.

So, have you decided which of these accommodations you will live in? A Good Experience?

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