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Best movies of 2023 for a good cinematic experience

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Despite the setbacks and strikes that marked Hollywood in 2023, this year was still a great success for the industry, both in terms of labor achievements and in terms of good films. And since we always talk about good experiences here, we couldn’t miss out on movies in our directory! So get ready for the best movies of 2023!

Between hectic behind-the-scenes and sold-out theaters, we witnessed the assertive cultural relevance of audacious and historic productions that marked the year, especially with the double phenomenon known as “Barbenheimer“.

According to Variety’s leading film critics, Christopher Nolan’s portrayal of the man behind the Manhattan Project, “Oppenheimer”, is a cinematic milestone comparable to the greatness of “Lawrence of Arabia”. We observe this turning point in human history through the haunted blue eyes of one of our best actors, Cillian Murphy. But in addition to this epic, other remarkable films flew under the radar, deserving the attention of cinephiles everywhere.

From major releases to hand-drawn animated gems by French art, here are some of the most immersive cinematic experiences of 2023 that are sure to spark your imagination.

1. Poor Things

1. Poor Things Described as an audaciously expressionistic provocation by absurdist social critic Yorgos Lanthimos, “Poor Things” is a satire on gender identity, part “Pygmalion”, part “Lolita”, and utterly incomparable.

2. Oppenheimer

A spectacular biopic of J. Robert Oppenheimer that demands multiple viewings, illustrating the terrifying ramifications of the creation of the atomic bomb. An unmissable cinematic achievement on the biggest screen possible.

3. Chicken for Linda!

This animated gem, which captures the complex relationship between mother and daughter, stood out as the best film at Cannes, enchanting children and adults alike with its narrative and visual lyricism.

4. Past Lives

A poetic debut feature from Celine Song under the A24 banner that offers a poignant counterpoint to the frenetic, award-winning “Everything Everywhere All at Once”, exploring the reunion of old souls.

5. The Monk and the Gun

This unpredictable and enlightening film from Bhutan offers a funny and profound critique of modern materialism set against traditional Buddhist values with a touch of comedy.

6. Anatomy of a Fall

A French drama that puts on trial not just the case of a dead writer, but the couple’s own relationship, illuminating the many layers of a union.

7. Origin

Ava DuVernay brings Isabel Wilkerson’s research to life in “Origin”, bringing together national tragedy and personal obstacles to reframe America’s toughest conversation.

8. May December

Todd Haynes presents a meta reflection on the nature of true crime narratives, with stunning performances from Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore in a study of empathy and exploitation.

9. The Holdovers

A return to form for Alexander Payne, who evokes 70s cinema to tell an unconventional Christmas story in a boarding school, bringing back the chemistry seen in “Sideways”.

10. The Taste of Things

A story of professional passion and culinary delight, where Tran Anh Hung and actors Benoît Magimel and Juliette Binoche give us an emotional connection that transcends the flavors on screen.

If this selection is any indication, the best films of 2023 reaffirm that a good story can successfully transport us beyond the borders of our world. With options ranging from the epic to the intimate, this cinematic year promises to deliver experiences rich in emotion and inspiration, proving that, even in the face of adversity, the magic of cinema always prevails.

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