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Digital Nomadism: Learn all about this lifestyle that is still gaining followers

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Freedom. This is the word that defines lifestyle from digital nomads. Freedom to live where you want, for as long as you want. Freedom to get to know every corner of the world as a local, but only as a traveler with your home in your backpack. Such flexibility may seem like an impossible dream to many, but the digital nomadism has come to show that there are new ways of living life that go far beyond what we know.

If all you need to do your job is a laptop and internet access, here’s the good news: you are a perfect candidate for digital nomadism. This is because digitalnomadsare nothing more than people who live and travel while using technology to perform professional tasks, not depending on a fixed base to work from.

The term has become popular in recent years and has gained extra strength with the arrival of the pandemic, which has transformed work relationships worldwide and opened up new possibilities for remote work. However, despite the recent popularization and the growing increase in the number of digital nomads, o digital nomadism is nothing new. In 1997 – when the late dial-up Internet still dominated homes – authors Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners already discussed the trend in their book Digital Nomad. Curious, isn’t it?

If you want to know more about this lifestyle, don’t waste any time! Keep scrolling the page and get to know the trend that promises to gain even more followers in the coming years.

After all, what is digital nomadism?

Imagine a world where it is possible to live traveling and getting to know new places, without worrying about making the trips fit only into the vacation days. Basically, this is what the digital nomadism: the flexibility to live by traveling instead of just dreaming about traveling.

However, it is important to clarify that digital nomadism is not a profession, but rather a working condition. In other words, it is the opportunity to live traveling – like a nomad, with no fixed home – while doing your work from anywhere in the world, online.

Digital Nomadism
Credits: Photo by Jefferson Santos – Unsplash

Can anyone live as a digital nomad?

There is no other answer than: it depends. If it is possible to do your work remotely and online – either in a traditional way or in a way that you create yourself – yes! However, not all professions offer such flexibility. It is worth evaluating what is possible to do within your profession!

Do you have to earn a lot to live as a digital nomad?

Again the answer is: it depends. You can live as a digital nomad spending a lot or little money. It depends on how you choose to live in the places you visit. But it is important to always remember that the life of the digital nomad is not an eternal vacation! So when planning trips, you need to consider that you will also be working. So you will need good internet and quality infrastructure to be able to deliver your projects.

You also don’t need to start your life as a digital nomad by traveling to the other side of the world. Traveling around Brazil can be a great way to feel secure about your new lifestyle – and to get to know more of our country!

When talking about money, it is difficult to quantify an ideal amount to live as a digital nomad. But of course, to embark on this journey, the ideal is to have financial planning and a reserve for possible emergencies. Then you will be able to feel more secure to take this step.

Digital Nomadism
Credits: Photo by Alizée Baudez – Unsplash

Is traveling much more expensive than living in Brazil?

Still talking about finances, a recurring question from people who think about joining the digital nomadism is about the comparison between the cost of living traveling and living in Brazil. After all, is it really that much more expensive to live by traveling?

No! What can be a problem is currency conversion, depending on the country you choose to visit. This is because the Real is in a moment of strong devaluation, which hinders the purchasing power of those who earn in our currency. However, a good way to get around this issue is to choose to visit countries with an advantageous exchange rate and lower cost of living, such as Thailand, Egypt, South Africa, or Mexico, for example.

Is it really possible to balance work and play?

Absolutely! With good organization, it is possible to work and use the free time to learn all about the place you are in. The biggest advantage of digital nomadism is that, since there is no fixed date for leaving each location, you can stay as long as you like and thus get to know each corner at your own pace.


Do you have any questions about digital nomadism? Comment on what you thought! Maybe we will bring you part 2 of this article!

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