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50 experiences everyone should have in life

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Do you ever wonder if you are enjoying and intensely living experiences that everyone should have in life, or are you simply stuck in a rut?

The new experiences don’t have to be intense, or extremely different. What many people still don’t know is that there are experiences that everyone should have in life. The simple fact of taking a different route between work and home is more than enough to say that you did something new that day.

So, to encourage you, we have listed 50 experiences that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

1. Buy a one-way ticket somewhere;

2. Donate blood;

3. Parachute jumping;

New experiences

4. Going to music festivals;

5. Seeing the Northern Lights;

6. Laugh until you cry;

7. Go to the movies alone;

8. Go on a roadtrip with friends;

9. Have a used sale or donate everything you no longer use;

10. Learn to play a musical instrument;

New experiences

11. Write a journal/blog;

12. Trying an exotic dish;

13. Make peace with someone you are fighting with;

14. Helping a stranger;

15. Falling madly in love with someone;

16. Do voluntary work abroad (or within your country);

17. Backpacking – whether through Europe, South America or Asia;

18. Taking a local cooking course;

19. Make an appointment to go out with a childhood friend;

20. Sneaking into a party;

21. Eating street food without any frills;

New experiences

22. Prepare a romantic dinner;

23. Exploring caves;

24. Read some very big book;

25. Living for a while as a digital nomad;

26. Go for a long hike;

27. Completely change your routine;

28.Take a diving lesson;

29. Living abroad for a while;

30. visiting a medieval castle;

31. Riding in a balloon;

32. Dance as if no one is looking;

33. Kissing in the rain;

New experiences

34. Visiting ancient archaeological sites;

35. Planting a tree;

36. Take a theater or oratory course;

37. Going to therapy;

38. Dyeing your hair an exotic color;

39. Having a picnic;

40. Participate in a protest;

41. Do a social media fast (dopamine fast);

42. Living Alone;

43. Learn other languages;

44. Printing old photographs;

45. Write a love letter;

46. Spend some time alone in a deserted place;

47. Watching a soccer match in an iconic stadium;

48. Watching the sun rise in a place you’ve never visited before;

49. To get to know and explore different regions of one’s own country;

50. Adopt a pet.

Realize that you don’t need to invest hours of your day or a lot of money in a huge trip to have experiences that everyone should have in life. You can experience a lot of things, in many places, all the time.

No matter how old you are, value the small pleasures that life gives us and live your dreams.

We hope you’ve enjoyed discovering new experiences and that you’ve been able to make the most of them. And to give you a new experience, find out about the best countries to work in and have greater purchasing power.



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