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Cheapest Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe

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With the increasing expansion of remote work and new working hours and formats, 2022 is emerging as the year of the digital nomad. Even though living traveling sounds like a dream, when it comes to the best places to visit as a digital nomad, there are some factors that must be taken into consideration. Such aspects range from the ease of obtaining a visa, to security, internet speed, climate, community, city culture, local attractions, and, of course, the cost of living – especially if you earn in Brazilian real and will spend in more highly valued currencies. So, how about knowing the cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe?

Therefore, those who intend to be digital nomads need to do their homework and research the places that best fit their reality. However, to help you complete this task, we have prepared a list of the cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe. We know that value is a relative thing, however, these cities were cited on the Nomad List site as some of the most economical by travelers themselves.

The 5 cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe:

Tallinn – Estonia

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, usually tops the lists of most attractive European cities for digital nomads. With its beautifully preserved medieval architecture, lively nightlife, and affordable entertainment activities, the city attracts a large number of tourists. In addition, Tallinn’s reputation among digital nomads is strong for having large communities of digital nomads, many coworkings, and excellent Internet coverage. Finally, a very important point is that Estonia is one of the countries that offer visas for digital nomads. In this way, it makes it much easier for remote workers to enter the country.

Average cost of living: 2000€ per month (Source: NomadList)

Cheapest Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe

Porto – Portugal

Renowned for its rich culture, remarkable architecture, and iconic port wine, the city of Porto is a tourist hub of Portugal. With friendly residents, artistic vibes, and many coworking spaces in the city, the city is growing in popularity among digital nomads. Porto offers a fast internet connection and wi-fi availability in many places. Also, transportation is very easy, as you can get anywhere very quickly and, most importantly, safely. Thus, in comparison with most of Western Europe, Porto offers a much more affordable cost of living. The city is estimated to be 10% cheaper than Lisbon, which puts it among the cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe.

Average cost of living: 1664€ per month (Source: NomadList)

Cheapest Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe

Tbilisi – Georgia

Besides becoming immensely popular with tourists in recent years, Tbilisi is also emerging as a modern destination for people who want to embark on a digital nomad lifestyle. If you are interested in meeting new people and cultures, Georgia is the right choice for you. The residents of the country are well known for their hospitality and friendliness. Life in Tbilisi is safe and very affordable, and the city offers a wide variety of coworking spaces. In addition, Georgia has a fairly low cost of living, similar to some Southeast Asian countries, which puts the city of Tbilisi at the top of our list of cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe.

Cost of living: 940€ per month (Source: NomadList)

Cheapest Cities for Digital Nomads in Europe

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the greenest cities in Europe, and is a perfect choice if you are looking for a relatively slow lifestyle. Known as a growing hotspot for tech startups from various fields, Vilnius offers a wide variety of coworking spaces with fast internet everywhere. Vilnius is a very safe city to live in, with friendly residents . Like the other countries mentioned above, Lithuania in general is quite affordable compared to other Western European countries.

Cost of living: 1850€ per month (Source: NomadList)

Budapest, Hungary

Known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations, with a fascinating history and stunning architecture, Budapest is also fast becoming one of the most famous cities for digital nomads. Located in Eastern Europe, the capital of Hungary offers a combination of rich culture and low cost of living that is quite captivating for anyone wishing to explore. Budapest is home to a thriving community of digital nomads which, while not as large as those in Lisbon or Tallinn, offers a wide variety of coworking spaces, well-connected wifi cafes, and libraries to suit all tastes.

Cost of living: 1258€ per month (Source: NomadList)

What do you think about the values of the cheapest cities for digital nomads in Europe? Attractive or still out of your budget?

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