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Five tips for getting your New Year’s promises off the drawing board

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Every year we make the same New Year’s promises: save money, try to lose weight, travel more, change jobs, learn a new language, etc. Regardless of your wishes, the year goes by and we push these promises to the following month, and when we see that the year is over, we haven’t fulfilled any of them. But don’t be discouraged! We will give you some tips that will make you stay focused and persevere in the goal of finally realizing all your New Year‘s promises.

How to keep your New Year’s promises:

1 – Focus

Avoid distractions! We know that when we turn on the cell phone, the TV, or the computer, we can’t stay just the promised five minutes. Before we knew it, hours had passed and we hadn’t done anything we had planned. So, no procrastinating on your New Year’s promises! List your goals and start on each of them, if possible, as early as January.

new year's promises

2 – Fractionize the goal

If your New Year’s promise is too ambitious, how about breaking it down into parts? If your desire, for example, is to take that long-dreamed-of trip, the ideal is to start saving money for it. Then you can accomplish each step and avoid getting discouraged by taking too long to accomplish your main goal.

3 – Visualize the goal

Imagine yourself enjoying the benefits when you fulfill your goal. We know that it is not easy to stay focused on keeping your New Year’s promises. Even more so when we think about the sacrifices that we will have to make in order to realize these goals. So focus on the end goal!

4 – Reward yourself

As each step of your goal is accomplished, stipulate small rewards.

new year's promises

5 – Persevere

We know that obstacles will arise along your path to fulfilling your New Year’s promises. So don’t give up. Know that after overcoming these difficulties you will finally realize the promises you so much desire.



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