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Best Countries for an Exchange Program

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Going on an exchange is on many people’s dream list. Not for nothing, after all, being an exchange student is indeed a unique experience that provides the development of new knowledge and skills. Besides providing an immense cultural baggage! However, choosing the best place to live this adventure is not easy. There are so many countries in the world that it is difficult to know exactly which are the best destinations. However, some countries are more prepared and have more tradition in receiving exchange students, which are positive points. With that in mind, here is A Good Experience’s list of the best countries to go abroad to.

Best Countries to Study Abroad in North America


Canada is one of the exchange students’ favourites! Besides the incredible natural landscapes, the country has a great quality of life and has the reputation of being one of the most welcoming countries for visitors from abroad. The fact that it is a bilingual country and that you can take a language course there and learn both English and French is also a plus. All this makes Canada one of the best countries for an exchange program. Even for those looking to work while studying.

Best Countries for an Exchange Program

Despite the cold weather and many cultural differences, Canada bears some similarities to Brazil: its hospitable people, its aptitude for celebrating life, and its diversity. Since it is also a nation formed by immigrants from various parts of the world.

If you are considering Canada for your exchange, why not learn about the housing visas available in Canada for Brazilians?

United States

The country that is a cultural reference in movies, series and music could not be out of the list of the best countries to do an exchange program! Whether it is for professional experience or to improve your English, the United States is one of the best countries to go abroad to. Regardless of which city you choose, spending a season in the North American country will provide great personal and educational development, as it has first-rate universities and schools all over its territory, with scholarship opportunities for foreigners.

Best Countries for an Exchange Program

Best Countries to Study Abroad in Europe


If you want to learn English in another country, how can you not consider the cradle of the language? The Queen’s land has some of the world’s most renowned universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and excellent quality courses.

London, the country’s capital, is one of the largest financial centers in the world, has many leisure options, and an organized and efficient public transport system. In addition, you can get to know other countries that are part of the UK, such as Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and thus gain an even greater cultural background.

Best Countries for an Exchange Program


Ireland has been ranked as the best country to go on an exchange for no reason. Being in Europe is a super attraction, since from there you can take advantage of the exchange to travel to neighboring countries on the continent! Also, the fact that Brazilians can enter the country with just their passport, without the need for a visa before boarding, and that the Irish government allows foreign students on English courses to work legally while studying, makes Ireland even more exciting!

Best Countries for an Exchange Program

Learn more about the types of visas you need to study in Ireland before you start planning your trip!


An exchange program in Portugal has become an increasingly common practice among Brazilians who are looking for university options abroad. And there are plenty of reasons to do so! Because the language is the same as ours and because Portugal is increasingly in evidence in the economic and tourism scenario worldwide, studying in one of the renowned Portuguese universities has been something increasingly desired and accessible to us, to the point that Brazilian students can use the ENEM scores for the admissions exam.

If the idea of living in the country enchants you, take advantage and check the answers to the main questions Brazilians have about Portugal and also the 3 fundamental documents to live in Portugal.

Best Countries for an Exchange Program

Best Countries to Study Abroad in Oceania

New Zealand

The high quality of life in New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the factors that most attract young people, besides the fact that the country has many options for study programs, as well as for leisure. In addition, the country also allows those who study English to work temporarily, which is a great benefit in financial terms and, in addition, helps to increase the resume.


A country of continental dimensions with many beaches, this destination is a delight. With so many landscapes, natural beauty and deserts it is hard not to get involved. Australia is an extremely diverse country and welcomes Brazilian exchange students. So much so that for this and for all the opportunities it offers, it has been among the best countries to study abroad for years and years.

It is not new that the country is among the best options for exchange programs due to its characteristics similar to Brazil, added to an incredible quality of life and the possibility for foreign students to work legally while learning English.

Best countries for exchange in Africaexchange in Africa

South Africa

We come to the end of our list of the best countries to study abroad with a rather unusual option. Generally, this African country is not among the main options for Brazilian students. However, it is gaining more and more prominence. Its great differential is the cost: studying English in South Africa is much cheaper than learning English in New York or London, for example, because it is one of the countries where the Real is worth more than the local currency.

And the country has many attractions besides the low price! There are many options for extreme sports, beautiful natural beauty, and, if you want, you can even work during your exchange.

In which of these countries would you have a good experience as an exchange student?

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