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Best countries for women to live in

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A recent study has revealed which are the best countries women live in. If you are a woman thinking of immigrating alone, stay tuned as we will share important information with you!

The Women, Peace and Security Index, created by the Institute for Women at Georgetown University, analyses women’s inclusion, access to justice and security in 170 countries through 11 indicators.

At the top of the ranking, the Nordic countries lead in quality of life for women. Norway, Finland and Iceland make up the top three, while Brazil is in 80th position, tied with Fiji and Suriname. The country obtained an average of 0.734 on a scale of 0 to 1, while the global average is 0.721. Portugal achieved a good position, in 18th place com uma média de 0.868

The study captures and quantifies the three dimensions of women’s inclusion(economic, social and political), justice (formal laws and informal discrimination) and security (at the individual, community and societal levels). The trends show that overall advancement in the status of women has declined and disparities have widened across countries.

Ranking of the best countries for women

According to the researchers, the Nordic countries’ positions are associated with progressive public policies, such as the promotion of a dual income model and the guarantee of parental leave for mothers and fathers.

In 2018, Iceland became the first country to require companies with at least 25 employees to prove they were paying men and women equally..

  1. Norway (0.922)
  2. Finland (0.909)
  3. Iceland (0.907)
  4. Denmark (0.903)
  5. Luxembourg (0.899)
  6. Switzerland (0.898)
  7. Sweden (0.895)
  8. Austria (0.891)
  9. United Kingdom (0.888)
  10. Netherlands (0.885)

Ranking of the worst countries for women

In the ranking of the 10 worst countries are Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Sierra Leone.

In all these countries, women have less access to education, suffer more domestic violence and have less access to financial resources.

  1. Afghanistan (0.278)
  2. Syria (0.375)
  3. Yemen (0.388)
  4. Pakistan (0.476)
  5. Iraq (0.516)
  6. South Sudan (0.541)
  7. Chad (0.547)
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo (0.547)
  9. Sudan (0.556)
  10. Sierra Leone (0.563)

See the full ranking:

The report warns that the Covid-19 pandemic has widened gender disparities in paid employment and caregiving burdens, and increased the risks of intimate partner violence.

It is crucial that governments, business and civil society work together to promote gender equality and improve the quality of life for all women..

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