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Best Websites for Looking for Jobs Abroad

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Having a work experience in another country is a great opportunity for professional development and immersion in a new culture. As a consequence of the economic crisis – which took Brazil to the 14th position in the world unemployment ranking – more and more Brazilians are looking for different ways to try to relocate or change careers. And many of these find in emigration a chance to try new paths.

Now that you have seen here at the UBE the countries that hire Brazilians the most (if you haven’t seen it, go check it out!), how about finding out the best sites for looking for jobs abroad? Keep following along and be prepared to want to send lots of resumes.

The 6 best websites for job hunting abroad

There are several websites that specialize in advertising job opportunities in various countries. Check out our selection of the 6 best sites for job hunting abroad:


To begin our list, we cannot fail to mention the corporate world’s favorite social network. With a good English profile it is possible to create authority in your industry and make LinkedIn the best of resumes. Then simply start searching for job openings abroad on the web.

Best Websites for Looking for Jobs Abroad

Anywork Anywhere

On this site, employers post ads and interested parties respond directly, without intermediaries. Just register for free and start sending your resume. However, you need to keep an eye out for opportunities, because most of the openings are for temporary jobs or volunteer work.


If you want to work in Europe, Eurojobs is the best of the sites for looking for jobs abroad. The page gathers opportunities from several European countries in one place. Just search for the keyword and the location to view the vacancies.


For those who prefer a more familiar interface, Indeed, a site that gathers job openings in Brazil, also has a version for job openings abroad. Just as in the Brazilian version, the site allows you to consult vacancy announcements and offers the function of registering your resume online.

Best Websites for Looking for Jobs Abroad

International Career and Jobs

In addition to the job postings, on International Career and Jobs you can also find the main websites or recruitment agencies in each country. In this way, the portal is one of the best sites to search for jobs abroad, because it allows users to get to know new sites focused on the country of greatest interest.


Glassdoor has become one of the most popular sites in the world when it comes to job opportunities. This is because the portal is a kind of “TripAdvisor” of careers. On the site you can find valuable information, such as average salaries, interview tips, and user reviews about great companies. In addition to so many features, Glassdoor also offers job openings, of course.


Which of these sites did you already know? Would you add any to our list?

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