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Countries with the most immigrants in their population

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Those who want to live outside their country of origin usually seek information about the receptiveness of the destination place when the subject is immigration, after all, this can define the level of well-being in the foreign country. In this way, getting to know the countries with the most immigrants can be very interesting.

The data are recent, taken from a study World Population Reviewwhich is updated annually.

List of countries with more immigrants and the percentage within the total population

  1. United States: 50,632,836 (15% of the population)
  2. Germany: 15,762,457 (18% of the population)
  3. Saudi Arabia: 13,454,842 (38% of the population)
  4. Russia: 11,636,911 (7% of the population)
  5. United Kingdom: 9,359,587 (9% of the population)
  6. United Arab Emirates: 8,716,332 (88% of the population)
  7. France: 8,524,8767 (13% of the population)
  8. Canada: 8,049,323 (21% of the population)
  9. Australia: 7,685,860 (30% of the population)
  10. Spain: 6,842,202 (14% of the population)
  11. Italy: 6,386,9987 (10% of the population)
  12. Turkey: 6,052,652 (7% of the population)
  13. Ukraine: 4,997,387 (11% of the population)
  14. India: 4,878,704 (0.35% of the population)
  15. Kazakhstan: 3,732,073 (19% of the population)

It is really interesting to note the absolute amount of people who have immigrated to these, but some cases have more to do with the amount of inhabitants than the attractiveness of immigrants themselves.

However, some cases draw attention for having many immigrants both in absolute numbers and in percentage figures, as is the case of Germany and Australia, for example, with an incredible 30% of immigrant residents.

Now, when it comes to the countries that have the most citizens living outside their home country, here’s how the list looks:

  1. India: 17.9 million emigrants
  2. Mexico: 11.1 million emigrants
  3. Russia: 10.8 million emigrants
  4. China: 10.5 million emigrants
  5. Syria: 8.5 million migrants
  6. Bangladesh: 7.4 million emigrants
  7. Pakistan: 6.3 million emigrants
  8. Ukraine: 6.1 million migrants
  9. Philippines: 6.1 million emigrants
  10. Afghanistan: 5.9 million migrants

With this data at hand it is easier to discover why each country receives or “exports” so many inhabitants. Know that here in our Blog you will always follow facts and curiosities about the world, especially for those who want to live abroad or like to travel.

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