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Areas of work that most hire Brazilians in Portugal

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The recent news have been boosting a movement that was already very popular among Brazilians: working in Portugal. Motivated by safety, quality of life, and language, more and more people are looking for job opportunities to make the move to the Portuguese country possible. If you also identify with this goal, check out now the fields of work that most hire Brazilians in Portugal.

After the release of the Portuguese Government’s proposal regarding the new visa for those looking to work in Portugal (which includes digital nomads), many Brazilians started to get their wish to live in Portugal off the drawing board.

But such a big change requires a lot of research and planning, especially since it involves professional life and financial aspects. For this, we have listed the fields of work that most hire Brazilians in Portugal, to help you make the best decisions and set up the perfect planning:

5 work areas that most hire Brazilians in Portugal.


Following the worldwide trend, the Technology area has had a growing demand for labor. Qualified and experienced professionals are in high demand by the technology giants that operate throughout Europe, and the high remuneration is far from the standard found in Portugal.

The positions available may be remote, hybrid, or face-to-face, and include professionals with qualifications in web development, data science, information technology, and others. Good examples of companies that are hiring in Portugal are: IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Siemens, and BMW.

2- Specialized Services

Portugal is not a strong industrial country, however, the services area is booming and pays reasonably well. The financial area, especially in metropolises like Lisbon and Porto, has been looking for qualified professionals.

Another type of service that is in great demand is the esthetic service. Nowadays, it is practically impossible to visit a Portuguese beauty salon and not find a Brazilian professional. The breadth of Brazil’s market and diversity of its population create a great experience that is often well recognized in Europe.

3- Marketing

Despite being a saturated market in the freelance industry, the field of Digital Marketing is one of the hottest today. If your knowledge in the area is advanced and connected to the technology areas, the salaries can be very high.

The positions most sought after by Portuguese companies are: key account manager, customer marketing manager, marketing and communication director, and trade marketing specialist.

4- Tourism

Portugal is increasingly one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe. Millions of tourists visit the country every year, and with the easing of the pandemic, the situation is almost back to normal.

The darlings of European and American tourists are the Algarve region and Lisbon, and hotel demand has grown exponentially. It is possible to find jobs for bilinguals in resorts, spas , hotels, and restaurants.

5- Engineering

The area of civil construction is slowly heating up again, after a period of crisis, and the big cities have received many large-scale construction projects. The country is used to investing in infrastructure works, mainly due to the growth of tourism.

Being located in the “old continent”, the demand for renovations is very high, so professionals with experience in restoration and retrofit are highly valued.

Attention, in the 5 areas we mentioned, English is highly valued and most of the time required, so if you want to work in Portugal, it is recommended to include English classes in your planning.

Now that you know which are the fields of work that most hire Brazilians in Portugal, take advantage and also see the answers to Brazilians’ main questions.

But if you haven’t decided yet which country you want to move to, check out the best countries for Brazilians to live in.

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