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New visa for job seekers in Portugal is approved and includes digital nomads

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Excellent news: the Portuguese government has approved a new visa for people looking for work in Portugal, which allows foreign nationals to enter Portuguese territory looking for work for a period of 120 days, extended for another 60 days. A temporary stay or residence visa will also be granted to digital nomads.

The measures are part of a law approved on Wednesday by the Council of Ministers, which aims to speed up, simplify and reduce bureaucracy in the mobility of migrant workers, as well as respond to the labor shortage.

We have already told you here what are the best professions for those who want to live abroad as well as the countries that offer visas for digital nomads and now Portugal has joined this list!

New visa for those seeking work in Portugal

“In order to promote safe and orderly migration and combat labor shortages, a new type of visa is created, specifically the visa to seek work, thus enabling entry into Portuguese territory. to nationals of foreign states who come to seek work for a period of 120 days, extended to another 60 days, for a total of 180 days. This definitely eliminates what we consider an anachronism for a long time, which is the quota regime for residence visas for subordinate work”, said the Vice-Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Ana Catarina Mendes, in a press conference.

New visa for digital nomads in Portugal

Also foreseen is “the granting of a temporary stay or residence visa for the exercise of subordinate or independent activity to professionals who work remotely outside the national territory,” the minister announced. In other words, digital nomads now receive a residence or temporary stay visa.

Still on the new visa for those seeking work in Portugal and the residence permit for citizens covered by the agreement of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries(CPLP), there is now a facilitation in the issuing of visas. “The consulate can consult the Schengen information system directly, and the SEF’s prior opinion [Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras] that the designated law is now waived.”

“Bill 89, which amends the law on foreigners, is, from our point of view, a great advance in the historical relations with the CPLP countries,” guarantees Ana Catarina Mendes. “In addition to honoring historical relations, this move is absolutely fundamental in organizing regular, safe and orderly migration flows, as well as combating illegal migration and human trafficking, and also allows us to respond to urgent human resource needs and the necessary revitalization of our economy.”

Visa waiver for students

Finally, obtaining a residence visa to attend higher education programs is also made easier. “It makes no sense that higher education students want to study here and be dependent on this visa for a long period of time. For this reason, the SEF’s prior opinion for this type of visa is now waived, provided that the applicant is already admitted to the educational institution on national territory,” justifies the minister.

Source: Sapo PT

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