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How to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal: know the options and costs

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Among those who graduated from higher education in Brazil, but dream of immigrating abroad, one question is frequently asked: how to validate Brazilian diplomas in order to continue working or studying in the area in another country? The process is bureaucratic and generates many doubts, however, it is important to request the validation of the diploma to guarantee the right to practice the profession legally in the destination country.

Portugal has been one of the most sought after countries by Brazilians looking for a new life abroad. The number of Brazilians in Lusitanian lands grew 13% and hit a new record in 2021, according to data from the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF). According to the official count, almost 210 thousand Brazilians live legally in the country. However, the official figure may be much higher, since there are also people in an irregular situation.

So, if you are part of the group that wants to move to the land of Camões, but doesn’t want to abandon your area of expertise, continue with us and check how to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal.

How to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal

Understand the importance of validating Brazilian diplomas in Portugal

First of all, you should know that diploma validation is not necessary for all professions in Portugal. However, by having the diploma recognized and equivalent, it becomes valid so that you can practice the profession throughout the Portuguese territory. Thus, increasing the chances of getting a job in your field, after all, many companies still require academic proof.

The validation process begins with degree recognition, an analysis that recognizes and accepts the Brazilian diploma. Besides recognition, there is also degree equivalence, which compares the Brazilian qualification with the Portuguese qualification. The equivalence looks at the following criteria: level (Bachelor, Master or Doctor), the duration and program content of the course.

Finally, another good reason to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal is the possibility of applying for scholarships at Portuguese institutions. Usually they require the validation of the diploma to grant the benefit.

Types of diploma validation in Portugal

There are three types of diploma validation in Portugal: automatic, level and specific. If you are looking to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal, the first step is to know which one is applicable in your case. The Portuguese DGES (Direção-Geral do Ensino Superior) classifies the types of validation as follows:

Automatic Recognition

This is the cheapest and fastest type of degree validation, generally speaking. The maximum time for completion of the process is 30 days and it costs 27.90 euros. Automatic recognition can only be requested when the course syllabus is identical in Brazil and Portugal – which is not normally the case. Therefore, to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal, the most common types of validation will be presented below.

Level Recognition

To achieve level recognition, the evaluation is done individually, comparing the teaching of the same profession in Portugal. Following changes in legislation made in 2019, the process has become more streamlined. When a course has been previously evaluated, the Portuguese university chosen to conduct the process uses the same data gathered about the applicant’s institution, thus shortening the application processing time. The deadline for finalizing the process is 3 months, if there is a previous evaluation of the same type of diploma, and the amount must be consulted directly with the university that will conduct the process.

Specific Recognition

Finally, specific recognition is the most complex of all, and is applied mainly to health professions, for example medicine, dentistry, and psychology. The fee varies according to the university responsible for the recognition process – by way of comparison, the fee at the University of Lisbon is 550 euros. To secure specific recognition, some candidates need to attend classes in Portugal, take tests or exams, and submit scientific papers to complete the process. The maximum period informed by the Portuguese government is 90 days after the complete instruction of the process.

On the Recognition of Degrees and Diplomas page of the DGES website, you can run a simulation on each of the types to find out which one you fit into. Click here and check it out.

Portuguese universities or polytechnic institutes are responsible for carrying out the process of validating Brazilian diplomas in Portugal. The choice of institution is up to the candidate, however, the University of Lisbon is the most sought after for the service. The submission of the required documentation is done digitally, and some documents are standard for all types of validation, such as a copy of the diploma. However, the other documents may vary according to the institute chosen and the degree of recognition.

How to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal

Who needs to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal

As mentioned before, validating Brazilian diplomas in Portugal is not mandatory for all professions. Areas such as Communication, Languages, and Administration, for example, are not required to work. The same applies for people going to Portugal for post-graduate or master studies.

However, in the second case, if the student chooses not to validate the diploma, the Scientific Committee of the chosen course will evaluate whether the student is able to meet the class schedule before accepting the enrollment. This approval, however, does not mean that the Brazilian graduate diploma has the same validity as the diploma from a Portuguese institution. For it to have equivalence, it must go through the process of diploma validation.

Check below some courses that are required to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal:

  • Medicine;
  • Dentistry;
  • Psychology;
  • Nursing and other healthcare courses;
  • Veterinary Medicine;
  • Law;
  • Engineering.

Now that you know how to validate Brazilian diplomas in Portugal, you can also learn about the 3 fundamental documents for living in Portugal before packing your bags. Also, if you have doubts about the country, check out the answers to Brazilians’ main questions. Finally, for those of you who are planning to move with your children, we have a special article telling you what documents are essential to enroll your child in school in Portugal.

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