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Meet the 10 best beaches in the world; 3 are in Brazil

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O TripAdvisor, a travel site that provides travelers with information and reviews about destinations, accommodations, sights, and restaurants, has launched the second of the platform’s annual awards, the Travelers’ Choice for 2022: The Best of the Best Beaches. In the award, the users of the platform elected the 10 best beaches in the world, and 3 of them are in Brazil.

According to Tripadvisor, the selected beaches pay homage to the most popular places among their reviewers. Therefore, the award was based on the quality and quantity of Tripadvisor traveler reviews of beaches, gathered between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

In addition, a recent Tripadvisor survey revealed that 37% of travelers will take a trip to the beach in 2022. So, if you are also part of this percentage, how about taking the time to get to know the best destinations to enjoy the extended holidays this year? We have several beaches in Brazil that are perfect to visit in a few days.

Without further ado, let’s get to know the best beaches in the world, according to TripAdvisor users!

The 10 best beaches in the world for 2022

The record holder in this year’s list of the best beaches in the world is the Caribbean, and Brazil is the only country with more than one beach on the list. Check out the list of the best beaches in the world below – but, beware: you will surely be left dreaming about your favorite one!

1. Grace Bay Beach: Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos

This piece of fine sand paradise in the Turks and Caicos Islands is the best beach in the world, according to Tripadvisor users.

best beaches in the world

2. Varadero Beach: Varadero, Cuba

Varadero Beach in Cuba offers white sands, palm trees, and a tropical setting.

best beaches in the world

3. Turquoise Bay: Exmouth, Australia

Located in Cape Range National Park in Exmouth, Australia, Turquoise Bay is also a popular spot for snorkeling.

best beaches in the world

4. Fourth Beach: Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

Tripadvisor users chose this beach in Morro de São Paulo for being a refuge for those seeking quiet moments with few tourists.

5. Eagle Beach: Palm – Eagle Beach, Aruba

The opinion of TripAdvistor users is unanimous: “Absolutely beautiful,” say the tourists who recommend Eagle Beach.

6. Radhanagar Beach: Havelock Island, India

There are many amazing beaches on the Andaman Islands in India. However, Radhanagar on Havelock Island stands out for its unspoiled conditions and breathtaking sunsets.

7. Sancho Bay: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

This beach in the Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is quite remote and difficult to access. However, Tripadvisor users think it is worth the effort and have placed it in the top 10 best beaches in the world.

8. Trunk Bay Beach: Virgin Islands National Park, U.S. Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay beach is located in the Virgin Islands National Park and is well known for the leatherback turtles that can be found on the sands and in the water.

9. Dolphin Bay: Pipa Beach, Brazil

As the name says, the Dolphin Bay in Pipa has as one of its main attractions the constant presence of dolphins in the waters south of Natal.

10. Spiaggia dei Conigli: Lampedusa, Italy

Finally, the last of the best beaches in the world is also famous for the presence of marine animals. This beach on the Sicilian island of Lampedusa, Italy, is a nesting site for loggerhead turtles.

TripAdvisor’s list is a bit longer and includes the 25 best beaches in the world. To get to know all of them, click and access Top 25 Beaches – World.

What was your favorite beach from the list? Would you add any more to this Top 10?

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